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    iPhone SE APPLE 2020 REVIEW - The Way it Should Be

    iPhone SE 2020
    iPhone SE 2020
    iPhone SE APPLE 2020 REVIEW - The Way it Should Be. Hey, what's going on, everyone? Greg here. I thought now would be a great time to go back and revisit the iPhone SC in 2020. The iPhone SC was announced nearly four years ago in March of 2016. It was an interesting product for Apple to release for a few reasons. It took the older design of the iPhone 5 and packed it with modern hardware, including at the time Apple's a 9 processor and the same 12-megapixel camera which was also found on the flagship iPhone 6 s. More importantly, it started at the low cost of just three hundred and ninety-nine dollars for an unlocked model, the lowest cost of a new iPhone yet even lower than Apple's previous cheap iPhone. The iPhone 5C and the iPhone SE that I'm reviewing is actually one of the original launch models. I picked this up in March of 2016. It was the 64-gigabyte variant at the time. That was four hundred and ninety-nine dollars and you could also get a 16 gigabyte variant for that low price of three hundred and ninety-nine dollars. And I actually use this iPhone SC all the way up until the launch of the iPhone 7 plus and that's when I stopped using this phone. However, even though I stopped using this phone, that doesn't mean it's just been sitting in a drawer somewhere.

    I've passed this down to family members after a family member. Until recently, a family member upgraded this iPhone SE to an iPhone 10 are. And that's how it made its way back to me. And hey, I thought, why not take a look at it and see how it's performing on modern? IOW 13 software. And I'm glad I did because I did put my SIM card into this phone for a little while and I definitely have some thoughts about the iPhone SC in 2020. And one of those things is that in 2020 this phone is downright small looking with its four-inch LCD display. For reference, the iPhone Eleven has a 6.1-inch display and the iPhone eleven pro max maxes out at six point-five inches. And as someone revisiting this phone after spending a lot of time with these bigger phones, the four-inch display can be a little hard to use. Typing takes somewhat more of a leap of faith with such a small screen to accurately type, but if you trust it, more or less gets it right. I also had to get used to less content appearing on the display when I'm scrolling through a web site and watching a video on this tiny screen does not feel immersive. Also, when trying to play a game, the display can feel downright cramped. However, that doesn't mean the smaller form factor isn't without its benefits. And even with its giant bezels for Twenty20 standards, the phone is much more compact, like fitting into my jeans pocket easier than other phones, and when it's in my pocket, I hardly even notice it's there.

    Spesifikasi iPhone SE 2020
    Spesifikasi iPhone SE 2020

    Also holding this phone and operating it completely one-handed a dream. My thumb can reach almost every part of the screen with ease and it rests perfectly in the palm of my hand and taking a call, holding it up to your head is easy and feels right to me. Something that I still feel kind of silly doing with the bigger iPhone eleven pro Macs. And that kind of reflects the nature of when this iPhone 5 design debuted. More people were kind of in between the use of a phone and a pocket computer, whereas today most people don't even want to make phone calls on their phone. The rest of the design still looks great to classic Apple designs have a tendency not to really look bad, and it's a design that strangely in the past and in the future, the aluminum back is accented with two small panes of glass on the bottom and the top. Apple has now moved on from aluminum designs to all-glass back designs like on the recent iPhone Eleven, which harkens back to the older design of the iPhone 4. The flat edges, however, are still a classic and a design that's now being used on the twenty eighteen iPod pro and rumored to be coming back to the future release of the iPhone Twelve. Another design classic, an Apple favorite, the Touch i-D button, which still works flawlessly in 2020 after four years of use. And while I prefer the new face unlocking system of face I-T, I am also aware that some people prefer the older unlocking method for Touch i-D and would welcome its return.

    Older designs also lead their way to unexpected disadvantages. One that was immediately apparent to me was the advancement Apple has made over the years with the haptic engine in their phones as the vibration motor in the iPhone SC is harsh and loud compared to the tactic engines on the Apple Watch and recent iPhones. Yet older designs also feature perks like a physical headphone jack, which you'll need because of the much lower quality. The speaker on the bottom of the device, which just doesn't match the recent iPhones, however, this phone is still able to run Apple's latest OS. IOW 13 nearly four years later. However, before we go on to the advancements in New 13 and also the iPhone SE performance, I want to talk about our sponsor for today's video, Squarespace. Squarespace is the all in one platform to build a beautiful online presence and offers the easiest way to get a Web site up and running. I started touring around with building my own Web site for Greg's Gadgets as well as the Gadget Cars podcast. And Squarespace allowed me with zero programming experience to get a Web site with a beautiful custom theme up and running and literally five minutes. I could easily edit tax drag and drop photos and customize my web site to my own liking and they even allow you to get a custom domain of your choosing.

    iPhone SE 2020
    iPhone SE 2020

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    Best of all, you can try it for yourself. Absolutely free by going to Squarespace dot com. And when you decide to launch your web site, be sure to go to Squarespace dot com slash Greg's gadgets to save 10 percent off your first purchase for your own Web site or a domain. And thank you so much to Squarespace for sponsoring this video. Now, like I mentioned before, the iPhone s.e runs IOW 13, which in a way looks even more purpose-built for a small display. Look at the icon spacing on the iPhone eleven versus the iPhone SC. The tighter formation looks better to me on a smaller display like the SC and actions like swiping up for control center or down for notification center is easy to reach. On this four-inch phone, Apple's improvements to haptic touch in Iowa s13 also has some side effects on the iPhone SC. And while long pressing on icons doesn't give you haptic feedback. It does give you access to the quick menu shortcuts or quick preview links features that used to be locked down to phones with 3D touch functionality. And the irony is not lost on me that when this phone came out, the flagship iPhone was the iPhone 6 s and one of the brand-new features with that iPhone's success was 3D touch. So, 3D touch is now a feature of the past and 20/20 and the iPhone SE never adopted it. So, in a way, it's kind of more forward-looking and almost every other software improvement makes its way over to iPhones 13, including features like Dark Mode.

    But I'm sure you're asking yourself, what about performance? Surely this four-year-old iPhone is sluggish and slow by this point? Well, not really, because the 8:52 chip still works perfectly in 2020 and in day to day tasks. The performance difference between most of the apps people use like web browsing and social media apps are almost imperceptible compared to the modern iPhone Eleven. That's not to say the performance of the iPhone SC and the iPhone 11 are the same because they're not loading apps does take a little bit longer and actions aren't as instantaneous. It also won't edit video as quickly and you won't be able to play more graphically intensive mobile games at their highest settings. But I'm able to play Call of Duty mobile just fine on an iPhone from four years ago and even with just 2 gigabytes of RAM. I haven't noticed apps refreshing constantly in the background. The performance really is a testament to Apple's chip team. And while not as fast as the iPhone Eleven, obviously the hardware and no way ever felt like it was sluggish or slow to me. Even using it in 2020, as I mentioned at the start of this video when the iPhone SC was released, it also had the same camera as the iPhone 6 s, which was a huge upgrade from the iPhone 6 camera going from an 8-megapixel sensor to a twelve-megapixel sensor. But how does the camera stack up against modern iPhones, especially now with the use of computational photography while the camera is still respectable, especially in outside lighting? However, for me, it's no match for the computational photography gains on the recent iPhone.

    Eleven and every shot I took with the iPhone Eleven and iPhone. I see. I much preferred how it looked on the eleven and in low light. Forget about it. But hey, the iPhone Eleven, it showed win and I'd be concerned if it did. The more important part is I still found that the shots coming out of the iPhone SC were pretty good for a 4-year-old phone. The one point two-megapixel front-facing camera. However, yeah, there's no getting around this one. It sucked back then and it sucks now. Now you know how a lot of people like to save the best for last. While I didn't do that, I saved the worst for last. That would be the battery life. Now, I'm not sure if this is the iPhone as E's fault overall or if my phone just has a bad battery. My battery life has honestly just been abysmal in more ways than one. First of all, it can hardly get two hours of screen on time and the battery drains quickly even when left in standby mode. And I even had the battery quickly drained from around 40 percent of its life to zero in a matter of minutes and shutting down the phone instantly in cold weather.

    Now, even though I did mention that this iPhone SC is nearly 4 years old, I got it when it launched. I have replaced the battery in it as soon as December of 2018. So it's not like it has a 2016 battery in it. But it's also not like the battery is brand new. It's not like I just got a brand-new iPhone SC and started using it. So my concern here is I'm not necessarily sure if my battery is bad or if this is the battery life that we just get on a small phone in 2020. So yeah, other than short of buying a brand-new iPhone AC or getting this battery replaced and testing it again, I really don't have a definitive answer for you on the battery life of this phone. I'm just gonna chalk it up to say that the 4-inch form factor with a much smaller battery running IOW 13 and 2020 leads to really bad battery performance. However, if you have conflicting information, if you have an iPhone SC and your battery is fine. I would love to hear about this in the comments below. So if you have an iPhone SC and your battery life is doing good. Please let me know in the comments below. OK, so in conclusion, the iPhone SC in 2020. Should you still buy this phone? Well, no, I don't think you should. And it's not like most places even sell it brand new anymore. Apple did have a few models in 2019 that they were selling on their clear and site as of the making of this video.

    iPhone 6 vs iPhone SE
    iPhone 6 vs iPhone SE

    I check that CL. the site and they are no longer available to purchase. But even if you found this phone new or you found it used somewhere for a good price, I still would not recommend purchasing it in 2020. That's mainly because of the battery life issues that I had with the phone and also because we are probably a couple months away from Apple releasing a brand new iPhone SC 2, complete with modern specs and a 13 processor and probably that single-lens camera system that is found on the iPhone Eleven with also other benefits like night mode. So if you're interested in getting a budget-oriented iPhone, I would really wait for that to be released. Having said that, I'm glad I revisited this phone in 2020. It was a nice experience to see what it was like using an older iPhone. And it's also nice to see that even an older forage iPhone SC a budget phone at the time still runs great on. IOW 13 and we can learn a lot about what Apple got right with the original iPhone SC to see how they might handle the release of an iPhone. SC 2 All right, everyone. Hopefully, this video helped you out. If it did, make sure you give me like if you wanna see more for my channel, make sure you're subscribed. Also, be sure to let me know in the comments below.

    Do you still use an iPhone SC? Did you like the iPhone SC? Did you ever own an iPhone SC? And hey, if you're still using one in 2020, be sure to let me know what your battery life experiences like.

    I had a really bad experience with it, but I would be interested to hear if maybe that's just an issue with my model. Also, don't forget to check out our sponsor for this video, Squarespace in the link in the description. And as always, thank you so much for watching. And I will see you all in the next video. Take care of yourself.

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